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The BREXIT Drag: UK Labour (a Lost Cause) UK Conservatives (a Wrong Cause) UK LibDems (a Wasted Cause) – Good Luck Great Britain (sorry I meant to say…..UK)  

BREXIT is truly a story of zero options. The UK Labour is for all intents and purposes a support mechanism the Conservative/BREXIT party with a useless leader who provides no viable alternative and I suspect prefers for the Conservative be the face of BREXIT because he has or believes in […]

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The BREXIT Drag: The Lorry Driver that Took Down BREXIT (something politicians have been unable to do so eloquently)

Well well well; long time no “post” on BREXIT. The reason is quite simple; it’s because it’s been consistently following it’s downward trajectory that many have predicted so it’s kind of boring posting about each news item pertaining to the ramifications of BREXIT. Today however something changed; I heard & […]

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The BREXIT Drag: France Protects Its Core Businesses/Industries From Foreign Takeover While Britain Has Been More Than Keen To Sell British Industry To The Highest Bidder Or Let Them Go Under

“BREXIT/Nationalists” Britain finally takes hold on our island in an effort to control migration and eliminate EU “interference” in British politics. Well guess what we’re actually holding the wrong end of the stick. Our sovereignty is more about Economic Power/Influence in the same way that Protecting our Industries secures us […]

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