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A BREXIT Nugget: The "Conflict Zone" in Focus

A very interesting interview conducted by Tim Sebastian aired on DW with Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts. Obviously quite a few issues Tim raised about the EU’s handling of the Irish backstop – but with a due respect Tim what you seem to have missed is the British governments disastrous handling […]

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A BREXIT Nugget: Suing the EU

In an interview today Theresa May talks about Trump’s advice to sue the EU. Now here’s the question no has ever thought of asking her – too technical 🙂 – what’s the point of putting this in the public domain at this stage of the negotiation? Is that Trump’s advice […]

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BREXIT Nuggets: The BREXIT Exodus

The IMF believes that BREXIT will cause an exodus of banks and other financial companies to continental Europe and Ireland. The Bank of England estimates that 10,000 financial jobs could be relocated on the first day of BREXIT. I know many BREXITEERS will feel it’s “inappropriate” for the IMF to […]

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