Plenty of signs coming out of Brussels suggesting that a deal is on the table and close to an agreement. Prime Minister May on the other hand is in a situation of; doomed if you will/doomed if you won’t – not only from Remainer’s but also hard Brexiteers. So now if she does go ahead with a deal a bigger majority of the population will be against it for different reasons. Some like the following tweet by Sadiq Khan, London Mayor are weighing in with novel ideas of breaking the country into economic zones as he wants to do with London.

My take on this is to block out the noise on social media (and media by and large) and take this simplistic conclusion;

Any agreement along lines being suggested needs to trigger 2nd Ref or variation of this; BREXIT: A Pragmatic Vision Forward because mandate of the first referendum is no longer valid as indicated by many BREXITEERS like this;

All in all it demonstrates the deep divisions in the country and the utter disgrace of a Prime Minister unable/unwilling to unite the country and there only to serve/be supported by a bunch of equally disgraceful ideologues running the show behind the scenes and with a very narrow alt-right agenda. BREXIT as mentioned before is NOT just a question of economics but a question of the ideological bend that country will aspire to/follow moving forward from here and that’s even a bigger change than pure economics.

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