Egypt’s Economic Crisis in Context

A great analysis of the current economic crisis hitting Egypt at the moment by Mr. Patrick Boyle, Fund Manager/Banker. Though I am no economic expert common sense leads me to believe that failure to stick with economic plans agreed during negotiations for the 2016 loan with the IMF is a […]

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The World Cup Final & Final Thoughts

Today’s final match between France & Argentina was in my opinion the most satisfying World Cup final I’ve watched for years; plenty of drama, great football and incredible passion. Though the better team won in this instant, France has very little to complain about with the brilliant talent and spirit […]

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A Brief Reflection: The Fight Against Corruption – A Long Overdue Process for Europe (BREXIT Britain are you listening?)

With recent revelations of the corruption scandal in the EU championed by Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola, the hope/expectation would not be dealing with this issue separately but rather using it to help develop a more robust system to fight corruption at every of the organization, otherwise it’s a precious opportunity […]

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