Send in the Clowns – A Photo Op Is Needed!

A desperate man seeking a photo op to help him with his elections – this in a nut shell represents the sad pattern of foreign influence in a region; influence specifically engineered to serve strategic/national interests & power play stunts rather than resolving conflicts. The only difference now is that […]

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The BREXIT Nugget: The Endless Twists & Turns Of The Child That’s Been Crashing At No. 10 And Is Now Crashing the Country with Him (updated)

So now we’re at a stage of ultimatums/threats from the so called “British Government” now considering changing parts of the existing deal reached with the EU (in it’s second iteration) designed to keep an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This coming mainly from the BREXIT […]

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Tweet to Tweet; Lebanon Revisited – Russell Crowe’s Donation to a Restaurant (no comments)

Imagine if Anthony Bourdain did not visit this restaurant or Lebanon…. With greatest respect to memory of Anthony Bourdain & recognising this wonderful tribute I just wish contributions were more for the beautiful country of Lebanon & its people who suffered for much too long. — Fidelito (@F_Galal) August 15, […]

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