As we discover through the media – in the article referenced below – possibly once the clearance was given – there was a secret cross party meeting between BREXITEER’s & Remainer’s within the political establishment and attended by BIG business to discuss what they define as “How to Make BREXIT work?”. Oh, I’m sorry; I had a distinct feeling based on all the statements coming out of the many governments that passed us by since the flawed referendum of 2016 that everything was hunky dory. Is that not so….since when….why did you not share this with us “your humbled people”???? Of course you remain our masters but just a hint would have at least prepared us for the rosy future ahead…

Here’s my problem in a nutshell; had this meeting taken place in the light of day and immediately post the BREXIT referendum/called for by Theresa May as the first PM to take charge post the vote in order to ensure everyone had a voice to make this BREXIT process work I would totally understand. In fact many including myself through my website blogs at the time called for such an approach during Theresa May’s so called “leadership”, though to be fair what followed was much worse. Now however when the mess is finally out of the bag 7 years on its truly disgustingly disingenuous to make that curve in order to yet again bypass the will of the people by trying to resurrect – once again – a new relationship with the EU (however close it may become) and this despite 2 major facts;

    1. BREXIT has obviously not worked for Britain 7 gruelling years on with promises/expectations that have not materialised because they were basically a pack of lies or merely pure ignorance. So any adjustment to BREXIT “to make it work of course…. :-(” needs to be taken back for the people to sign off with 1 of 2 specific choices:
      • Rejoining the EU to reverse the mess caused by BREXIT and the flawed referendum that produced it or
      • Have a clear/viable/verifiable choice for BREXIT developed in close consultation with the EU and it would be the British people to decide once and for all through a well regulated referendum. 
  1. More importantly and as I alluded to before the process that controlled the 2016 referendum was out of control in every sense of the word both in terms of disinformation as well as foreign interference.

Remember that no electable political party at the moment supports rejoining the EU or even a 2nd Referendum this despite polls consistently suggesting that the British people now clearly see the downward trajectory thanks to the flawed referendum of 2016. This fact in of itself is a staggering demonstration of a broken political system that’s become so unrepresentative of public opinion thanks to archaic rules/institutions combined with a largely corrupt/incompetent  politicians makes this challenge impossible for any form of general election alone to rectify; if you have doubts then you must be thinking/following another country and good for you 🙂

So to sum up and to avoid rehashing views already mentioned in previous posts let me suggest that in my opinion any attempt to alter yet again our relationship with the  EU post BREXITthis based on a flawed referendum in the first place – without addressing such an issue publicly rather than in dark/stinking alleyways of power would not only be a dereliction of duty and could (should) be illegal but it may also  be a form of treason where national interests are concerned. Let me add that at the heart of this national interest is the question of national security because I suspect influence of foreign players to this day – or at the very least driven by foreign influence – in terms of guiding the direction this country is heading; this is my opinion and based how the 2 main political parties are being led and suspect allegiances at the highest level of the political establishment. When you come to think of it seriously and with the corruption we see day-in-day-out in politics this is NOT such a far fetched proposition at a time where financial incentives and extremist ideology have increasingly become a driving factor in directing policies rather than genuine national interests.

As for the EU, a word of advice from someone that predicted the BREXIT headache for you despite your efforts/time wasted; any process that is designed to preclude the British people from having their say in a well regulated/fair manner will only prolong your agony and make it worse at a time when more complex global issues are at hand. So a word to the wise for EU leaders;  the manner in which you deal with this ongoing issue will have consequences – it will either let it rest or be another diversion you don’t need in these “exciting times” we live in

So the message from this end is simple; forget about the “let’s make BREXIT work…” nonsense and let’s make it something like “let’s be honest about BREXIT for a change” because the fact of the matter it is without resolving  this issue properly Britain (and the EU as well make, no mistake about it) will both be limping towards the unknown future because of that BREXIT drag that serves no one but the smug European alt-right, and I think I’m right!

Just a thought.

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