About Me


Thanks much for taking the time in visiting my blog space. I hope to use it as a place to express my thought process on current affairs while at the same time encouraging me to be more of a critical thinker in developing ideas/arguments. In terms of my background, here is a snapshot;

I have been in the main an IT specialist with an industry experience spanning 15+ years backed with relevant certifications. I have worked in different areas of the IT pipeline, from business development/sales to testing-development-architecture and finally project/development management. Above all I am a technology enthusiast (Geek) not only in terms of implementation and the fun it brings, but I believe profoundly in the importance of the R&D process in helping drive technology/innovation.

But then again the above is just a small part of who I am.  I also happen to be a very passionate Wildlife/Nature Photographer and Political Activist keen to defend/promote Liberal values/traditions. I have been fortunate enough to travel/live in many countries throughout my life-thanks to my fathers work as a career diplomat-including former Yugoslavia (4 years), Ethiopia (3 years), Turkey (3 years) and briefly to India. This has helped shape my views as an ardent supporter of Internationalism/multiculturalism-remember the trick is in the implementation of these concepts which has seen a catastrophic series of government failures hence the kickback we’re facing right now. I strongly recommend travel that allows proper interaction with natives of different cultures/religions-it certainly gives one a different perspective on a host of issues-so I would not trade that part of my life for anything.

Finally, in terms of my core beliefs as an Political Activist, these I would suggest are they key ones-(though I reserve the right to change them at will :-));

  1. Pragmatism/Activism in Defending Liberal Values
  2. Promoting Critical Thinking in debating issues (less politics/more content)
  3. Social Cohesion/Justice is a precursor to Economic Development
  4. Religious Freedom is paramount but should be applied in the context of Social Cohesion

Thanks again for your time and hope we can collaborate in future.


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