Thanks much for taking the time in visiting my space in this virtual planet – though I can assure I am NOT virtual myself nor do look that serious in the worst of times, mind you 🙂  In this a place I hope to share my humble works in photography & music and possibly some genuine / short stories from life mostly for laughs. 

I am someone quite passionate about photography in all its forms; Wildlife, Nature, Macro, Artistic, Modern etc.. Though I have spent a career in IT spanning over 15 years I am now totally focused on this form of art enjoying every aspect of it including things like color, texture, light, framing and the like; plenty of learning, but mostly plenty of fun. You will find the link to my photography site by clicking the Photography menu on this site. 

Music is another area of deep passion for me for as long as I can remember. Though I’ve had literally no musical education whatsoever for reasons beyond my control – at least initially – this did not prevent me from playing the Trumpet and more recently the Flugelhorn, Cornet which I absolutely adore and the French Horn which I love the sound of but is for me a bit uncomfortable in holding for now. I use a numbering scheme I came up with to write the tunes for these brass instruments as I do not read musical notations – a major restriction but something I had to work around. With that said  I would enthusiastically dive into any opportunity to connect/work with other professional musicians on projects or to get more formal training as it is “The Dream” . I also love the art of conducting and suspect there may be some talent there too, but that’s another story altogether.  

Hope you like this new site of mine and please do share your thoughts on content so we can make it as interesting and relevant to you as possible. Take care 🙂