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Thanks much for taking the time in visiting my blog space. I hope to use it as a place to express my thought process on current affairs while at the same time encouraging me to be more of a critical thinker in developing ideas/arguments – though rarely looking this serious mind you. In terms of my background, here is a snapshot;

I am someone quite passionate about photography in all its forms; Wildlife, Nature, Macro, Artistic, Modern etc.. Though I have spent a career in IT spanning over 15 years I am now totally focused on this form of art enjoying every aspect of it including things like colour, texture, light, framing and the like; plenty of learning, but mostly plenty of fun. You will find the link to my photography site by clicking the Photography menu on this site.

Music is another area of deep passion for me for as long as I can remember. Though I’ve had literally no music education whatsoever despite the fact I had every intention to study music and take it as a career my main funder (my Dad God bless his soul) declined. So though I loved my late Dad immensely I am kind of the living incarnation of the concept that says; young men/women know best when it comes to carving their own future and they should also take the responsibility that comes with it – so no free lunch there! However this did not prevent me from playing the Trumpet and more recently the Flugelhorn which I absolutely adore, but I use a numbering scheme I came up with to write the tunes as I do not read musical notations – a major restriction though I am considering changing all that in the near future.

I also happen to be a Political Activist/Analyst/Blogger keen to defend/promote Liberal values/traditions where possible. I have been fortunate enough to travel/live in many countries – thanks to my fathers work as a career diplomat – including former Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, Turkey and briefly to India. This has helped shape my views as an ardent supporter Internationalism/multiculturalism. I use this blog site to share thoughts on current events as well as reviews to publications/articles of interest. Areas I am particularly passionate about are; Foreign Policy, International Law, Human Rights as well as Social Integration and the Environment.

Finally, in terms of my core beliefs as an Political Activist, these I would suggest are they key ones-(though I reserve the right to change them at will :-));

  1. Pragmatism/Activism in Defending Liberal Values
  2. Promoting Critical Thinking in debating issues (less politics/more content)
  3. Social Cohesion/Justice is a precursor to Economic Development
  4. Religious Freedom is paramount but should be applied in the context of Social Cohesion

Thanks again for your time and hope we can collaborate in future.



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