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This in a nutshell is the only tangible thing that BREXIT has delivered; a sinking ship with economic/social chaos & corruption the likes of which we have not seen before (at least not at this scale). But instead of people uniting to challenge root causes of this economic quagmire they decide instead to scramble/race for the crumbs/left overs of the rotten cake politicians have delivered, while others are distracted by shiny objects or just social media “silos”. And while all this is going on not one political party is keen to take on the humungous elephant in the room “the BREXIT conundrum” and make a strong case for addressing this issue head on despite its undeniable impact of where we are today and despite poles consistently showing many people have changed their views on the issue; now if this is NOT the time to do precisely that then someone out there is missing something and I actually don’t believe it’s me.   

It’s kind of fancy to watch Andrew Marr in the clip below suggesting that Keir Starmer may have solved Labour’s BREXIT pickle by “strategizing” sector-by-sector deals that would align standards in the hope of developing independent economic agreements with the EU covering these sectors. It’s another call to take yet another circular path to buy time for politicians – time wasted where the nation is concerned – to help avoid any potential calls to rejoin the EU. It’s like the fanciful predictions by BREXITEERS pre-BREXIT for developing lucrative trade deals with the US and other regions in order to minimize dependance on the EU; so why now is the EU so important and what kind of a relationship can we have with the EU when we’re outside the organization and more importantly what edge would we have in shaping this relationship. True the EU is imperfect in so many ways – and you can judge for yourself my own frustrations with the organisation if you care search posts about the EU on this site –  but for me the EU remains an ongoing project that has the capacity to deliver sustainable economic growth/ability to compete at so many levels as well as its capability/influence in actively promoting  political stability in conflict regions if only they have the strategy/confidence to get the foreign & security policy right.

But then again as I always say in similar posts on BREXIT; where we are now and where we go from here is a matter of free choice and people have to take their fair share of responsibility in allowing the situation to deteriorate to where we are today. Actions of discontent alone lead nowhere if the objective is neither well defined/articulated nor feasible in the long run; that’s the bottom line.

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