Ethics & AI – A Battle of Control

It’s the kind of battle where we shouldn’t be the spectators because we can’t afford to. Technology is a double edged sword and without the moral & ethical capacity to control its application (the What, When and How) and the boundaries involved it could prove to be the most damaging […]

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Going Cyber: The New Way

Preface  In this section (a bit long I have to admit) I would like to provide some background context in terms of Motives behind doing the research/posting this blog and the Format I intend to follow/reasoning behind it. Motives a) As some of you may know I am an IT […]

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Robots threaten $4 billion worth of upcoming Australian outsourcing deals: Commentary

While applying efficiencies through innovation/technology is indeed the future it is also critical that we do so in a prudent/incremental manner in line with socio-economic implications (re-aligning our labour force through re-training is a big part of the equation). We need to have a multi-dimensional view of progress otherwise innovation/technology […]

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