I recently had an extremely stressful experience when my main iCloud account was hacked. But then again, that is just the tip of iceberg in a saga that started over 2 months ago and I am “glad” to say its yet to be resolved. To be brief, beyond the shock of seeing how vulnerable the system is to hacking-and I come from a technical IT background myself, what is even more troubling is the complete uselessness of the processes set in place to deal with this issue. You think I am exaggerating, don’t you? Ok well here’s the kicker; I’ve been advised in no uncertain terms by “senior” advisers (more than 1) in the customer service team that there is no practical way to recover the hacked account due to settings applied by the hacker. So a word to the wise-and you make your own judgement-I would keep a safe distance from that cloud to store confidential data because simply put the issue of a vulnerable system is compounded by a set of completely useless (hacker friendly) procedures. Hackers can quite easily take it for a ride and enjoy the drive. Makes you wonder how secure/efficient other elements of the system truly are. Apple, stop putting your head in the sand and fix it and until then take serious measures to help resolve these issues not work around it.

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