It’s the kind of battle where we shouldn’t be the spectators because we can’t afford to. Technology is a double edged sword and without the moral & ethical capacity to control its application (the What, When and How) and the boundaries involved it could prove to be the most damaging technological advancement we’ve seen yet. The problem of course is that this new technology comes at the back a global governance & economic model that lacks the moral/ethical foundation that is necessary to protect ourselves against the abuse of this transformational development. It is therefore necessary that we watch/assess how we approach this technology and not be too excited/distracted by the technological gimmicks surrounding it. Anyway, this is a very interesting subject and the clip covers many aspects that we need to consider if you’re interested in the topic. With that said I feel that the conversation at the end was being slowly diverted into the question of religious faith and I believe that this approach is much too narrow of a definition to achieve a more pragmatic solution that everyone can buy into whether they’re driven by religion or personal values/traditions they aspire to; in other words religious beliefs are a contributing factor but by no means the only one one can use as their moral compass; that’s my opinion.

Hope this helps.

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