BREXIT Britain – Let’s Party

OK, right off the bat – though I’m no baseball player as some may already know – let me just say I’m not talking about having an actual party of course; not with the pandemic in the background (rather in the foreground) and social distancing and all. So no…..ahhhh…no no […]

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Britains U-GOV Under Pressure for Their U-Responses to COVID-19/An Appeal to the EU and British Tourists Making Utter Fools of Themselves

Britains U-GOV Under Pressure on U-Responses to COVID-19/An Appeal to the EU Another major spike hits Britain hard with over 53000 new cases in 24 hours thanks to a sham / incompetent individuals running the country. The advice to these political hacks is actually quite simple; give your twisted little […]

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The Pandemic of Disinformation Where The Human Cost Is Yet To Be Assessed/Counted

Disinformation has now infected all forms our information ecosystem/media and the reasons are clear; It is a tool that is being weaponized by unscrupulous leaders/power brokers to defend false narratives to achieve political and/or financial gains There is very little in the way of clear/consistent regulations/legal ramifications to control the […]

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