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It was absolutely great – as usual – to finally listen to some wise words of former President Obama in this Virtual Commencement Speech To Class of 2020. Truly feels reassuring/comforting for many Americans and non Americans alike such as myself that there are still sane people in politics. If people continue to believe that the mushroom occupying the White House is indeed sane and treat him as a sane adult well that can only spell one thing – that same old thing that many are beginning to realize having nearly gone through the 1st term of trump; BIG Trouble. I’ve written plenty about the approach that should be adopted when dealing the Mushroom Man so will not rehash here. Just enjoy the wise words of a truly missed character who I hope starts kicking cans in the near future because we’re learning the hard way that similar to a pandemic no one is safe when insanity reaches the White House least of all the United States.

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