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Send in the Clowns – A Photo Op Is Needed!

A desperate man seeking a photo op to help him with his elections – this in a nut shell represents the sad pattern of foreign influence in a region; influence specifically engineered to serve strategic/national interests & power play stunts rather than resolving conflicts. The only difference now is that […]

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The Comedy Hour: 9-9-9

Another one of those incredible shows with Jon Stewart as former host of The Daily Show where he unpacks Herman Cain one of the 2012 U.S Presidential candidates during the election season that year. Though the clip is old it’s one of those episodes that will “Live Long & Prosper”. Jon Stewart is […]

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The Politics of History

It’s truly incredible to see how politics is now being used to distort history either through Selective Facts or better yet Creative Facts. You’d be forgiven to think this only happens in places like the Middle East and it has and continues to happen to this day. What is mind […]

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