Before I get into let me just say how “refreshing” it to see a fresh new Kellyanne Conway who served as Senior Counselor to the Forty-Oops President of the United States who for a change listens more than talks, takes humor mocking her and her former boss so graciously and even being able to talk straight at times. I will not go into the details of the interview because you can watch this excerpt of the interview here or the full interview on Youtube but a point she raised seems to the repeated by all trump cronies including Sara Sanders in one of her interviews here which is this; when confronted with trump lies and temperament the excuse goes something like this;

  • he’s given me the opportunity to serve or
  • he stood by me in difficult times 
  • or maybe even he played golf with me one or 2 times etc. so you get the point.

Nothing at all to do with Values, Country, Integrity or any of that – it’s just a transactional arrangement. This is exactly the kind arrangement you have in corrupt authoritarian regimes in the Mid East and beyond, so when established Democracies begin to be guided by authoritarian models we’re in big trouble fellas. They should actually consider changing the wording of the oath of office for people taking important public roles to ensure they fully comprehend that their duty to country comes before duty to leader or party; in the old days we thought this goes without saying now we need people to take an oath on these standards so that this is no longer considered a valid excuse. Anyway that’s just one of the many hard lessons we continue to learn after 4 year of Trump & 100 years of BREXIT.

After a long conversation with KC you end up wondering; who am I? why am I here? who’s this lady? why do people look at me when I talk to them? any shrinks around?

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