Cheerleaders to Go!

Watching Airforce 1 taking off from Washington’s Andrews airforce base with trump on board for the last time and with background music playing Frank Sinatra’s My Way I could not help reflect on that moment; here’s a guy making a speech self-glorifying his so called “achievements” and with loudest cheers coming from his own family entourage, these same people that accompanied him on Airforce 1 elegantly yet deliberately leaving the mess they’ve created behind. People who know absolutely know/appreciate nothing about their country’s values or national interest – these are convenient buzz words they use to confuse but certainly the wise ones who only judge them based on actions; actions that may well end up with holding him and his cronies accountable for preaching to America yet acting so utterly un-American. This is the same identical story we face in Britain and I hope that we too can make a transition NOT to a new Britain but rather to the real reliable Britain that once was that had firm unshakable values and outward looking – a new post coming up by the way by end of day to follow up on that precise point.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety