More evidence of Lunacy…..More Shame…..More Alarm/Shock; OK, now what??? What we see in my opinion is that the more this is played out in the U.S media and in government at a time when there is no serious effort of National Reconciliation the more broken the system becomes. The U.S. media and the Democratic Party – as they now have the floor – should make every effort to begin genuine reconciliation effort to unite the nation after 4 years of Trump and so far 2 years of a wasted Biden presidency – that is the same Biden who was very vocal about reconciliation & unity during the presidential election. This effort of national reconciliation should take precedence of all foreign and domestic politics because as far as I can tell there has been no moment in recent history that the U.S. has been in a truly vulnerable state that it is right now – and time is not an ally in this situation where things can become even more ugly than they are right now. With that said however, any reconciliation efforts cannot begin without a solid commitment and legal protections against all forms of disinformation at every level in government and in the media; better yet if such a task was assigned to an independent body – at least at the consultative level to come up with recommendations – to ensure integrity and avoid political obstruction of the effort in these divisive/dangerous times. It is also important that the public is completely on board with these efforts and understanding the serious ramifications of delayed action in this situation. So in a nutshell I would urge the U.S. to stop being overwhelmed by past actions and focus on the future of a nation in peril – after all there is no politics to be had or political parties to support when a nation is destroyed from within.

Just a thought!

Compromise is Key to Unity BUT Don’t Compromise on Values

Democracy is by design a Working Progress

So for God’s Sake DO THE WORK

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