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That Crazy Inspiring Russian

After multiple assassination attempts, imprisonment and Russian authorities making no secret of their plans to arrest him on arrival Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny and his wife in a show of defiance/incredible courage are heading back to Moscow. This is truly an inspiring story that demonstrates tremendous courage, leadership and […]

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The NRA and the Russian Connection

An excellent reporting by MSNBC’s Ari Melber about the National Rifle Association–NRA and the Russian connection. Quite fascinating stuff and again demonstrates the many vulnerabilities in our western Democracies being used by power brokers from Lobbyists to Special interest groups – hence my previous post (link below). Will we ever […]

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The Kremlin Playbook (Review-Updated)

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to read the analysis entitled “The Kremlin Playbook”, published by Center for Strategic and International Studies–CSIS. It certainly is a very interesting read for anyone keen on researching the subject of Russia’s growing influence in Europe & within western democracies in particular. However the objective […]

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