It seems to me that every day now Putin’s PR machine is hyping up statements and threats to the West on Ukraine intervention while western governments and media are taking the bate which sets everyone into a mode of panic and confusion in line with the Putin plan. This demonstrates lack of confidence in the EU and the US and the perception of fear from every Russian government move; this alone is a harmful and dangerous mode of operation. Yes there needs to be effective planning/preparation for all eventualities and a clear message to Putin in terms of consequences but NOT to the extent of being overly sensitive/reactive to Russian statements so long as red lines are not breached; confidence and cool heads should prevail even in the line of fire.  Put it another way; The West needs to be thick skinned when dealing with Putin; makes sense?

Just a thought.

Have a Strategy, Project Confidence and Observe/Reassess  Actions (NOT Statements) then Follow-on with your Strategy:

Incremental/Proportionate RAW Power (NOT Rhetoric)

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