Football: Talking Tactics

You may/may not know but I am huge football fan. For me it is less about club and more about football style. The problem is that I know very little about technical aspects like football tactics and the philosophy behind the different styles involved. So now that we’re in lockdown […]

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World Cup 2018: BRAVO Les Bleus!

A great match and one great effort from Croatia but eventually France prevails and it was not easy. Both teams played extremely well but the spirit was on Croatia’s side the first half. While watching commentary by football experts like Alan Shearer – yes that same expert who suggested England […]

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Come on England!

Great performance & talent in the England squad in this world cup both in terms of players & coaching. I have to say I was not expecting bells & whistles this time around but I am thrilled to be well off the mark in this prediction. That said I feel […]

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