Having watched the 2nd half until the Croatia equaliser I new pretty much game over for England, so I switched off cause I couldn’t bare watching more. No rocket science here, reasons are obvious for this result – so no complex analysis necessary;

  1. Over reliance on long balls and set pieces rather than aggressive/well coordinated attack.
  2. Once a goal is conceded the team pulls back to it’s quarter and avoids moving forward and merely defending by kicking the ball forward where no effective attacking force is available – effectively passing balls to Croatia. 

A big part of the issue is psychological in my view and how the team reacts when conceding a goal – and by the way this is not new with the England team; I really hope they can look into this seriously.

At any rate this is still a young bright team & coach and I hope they can learn from these mistakes moving forward and well done reaching the semi’s. Also a big congratulation to Croatia for pulling this win off when they were 1 down.

Looking forward to the finals though I expect France to get the trophy.

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