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The BREXIT Nugget: The Endless Twists & Turns Of The Child That’s Been Crashing At No. 10 And Is Now Crashing the Country with Him (updated)

So now we’re at a stage of ultimatums/threats from the so called “British Government” now considering changing parts of the existing deal reached with the EU (in it’s second iteration) designed to keep an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This coming mainly from the BREXIT […]

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My Journey with the Trumpet: Dawareen Fi’l Shaware (Composition: Rahbani Brothers/Voice: Nagat El Saghera) – Cornet PlayAlong

Play Along Tunes for the Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Cornet, Piccolo Trumpet and now even the French Horn (Best to Use Headphones): Note these videos are more for training/tracking my own progress – so obviously latest recordings are better than older ones. Also for me it’s more about technique rather than sophisticated […]

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