As I mentioned in many previous posts a global pandemic – particularly one likely to stay with us for some time – needs a global response both in terms of R&D to develop immunization/medication as well as protections. Many countries now are considering removing restrictions and incrementally opening up their economy. This is a step in the right direction though this needs to be based solely on medical advise/projections. The problem is that national economies are in many respects linked through markets & supply chain  to the global economy and the problem here is that there seems to be little if any effort that is focused on kickstarting the global economy despite the fact that it is likely to take much longer to coordinate, set guidelines and invest in necessary infrastructure to ensure strict medical guidelines are adhered to – even merely planning this level of coordination will take time to ensure the process is effective/adaptable. An example would be travel – say airports/aircrafts – both in terms of devices/structures needed to abide by social distancing guidelines as well as potentially starting with minimal aircraft capacity. In other words we need a blueprint for the reopening of the global economy because it will most definitely take time agree/finalize – it is NOT premature thinking we’re far from implementation – and it will be needed for the foreseeable future. This is NOT about timing – timing will vary within/from country to another – it is about a process set in place with investments made so that we do not yet gain get caught off guard particularly that for many businesses buying time is key to remaining in business so no further time is wasted once we’re ready kickstart the process. Transparency is critical so is coordination with business leaders in each country.
So the urge from this end to world leaders is this; let’s not push back action that is necessary to take now wasting time/resources as we’ve done in responding in the early stages of this pandemic.

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