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COVID-19: Would Closer Collaboration Between Vaccine Companies Be Far More Effective In Developing More Powerful Versions  of Vaccines & Help Address Shortcomings

In major military battles of the past we’ve seen armies from different countries come under the same command to ensure effectiveness & efficiency to confronting the same enemy, so the obvious question to ask is whether this same strategy can be applied in some form in the case of dealing […]

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Belgian PM shamed by medics as they turn their backs on her in protest of her handling of the pandemic

A truly amazing/inspiring site of how activism can be applied in a civilized yet effective manner even in the workplace to shame politicians when they fail miserably in performing their duties and/or when they make controversial statements. Activism as I mentioned in a previous post should be an integral part […]

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The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Personal Appeal to World Leaders; Please Start Coordination on Plans to Incrementally Open Up World Economy

As I mentioned in many previous posts a global pandemic – particularly one likely to stay with us for some time – needs a global response both in terms of R&D to develop immunization/medication as well as protections. Many countries now are considering removing restrictions and incrementally opening up their […]

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