A brilliant analysis by Fareed Zakaria of CNN at our failure to act at global level to control the pandemic and where we should go from here while time is quickly running out and so are lives. There is no more urgent matter to deal with than this pandemic and we should all push our governments to take responsibility through a more global context otherwise the devastation will be one without borders.

Hope that makes sense; the point is NOT to panic because this in itself is time wasted but to act decisively to root out this pandemic wherever it exists. It’s also bewildering to me to see may the soo-called anti-vaxxers in the west who cry Foul when they’re asked to help protect their own communities by getting vaccinated because they only understand Democracy & Freedom in the context of their own limited/egoistic personal perspective – in other words they don’t really understand that Democracy & Freedom translate to rights & obligations partly because they’ve never personally experienced other forms of governance helped with the fact that they’ve got used to the joy ride during good times where focus was entirely on their own personal interest – but that’s another story altogether for another post and another cup of coffee.

Take Care & Stay Safe

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