Yesterday I was listening to the government briefing about the virus and I have to tell you non of the team projects any confidence whatsoever. Come to think of it how could the team that started off late in facing up to this pandemic – costing thousands of lives in the way – project anything but incompetence. Couple that with the mixed messaging we keep getting about the imminence or NOT of a vaccine when the best approach when you do not have a clue is to keep your mouth shut tight to avoid both raising expectations as well as raising panic/frustration.

As for the Vaccine Task Force that’s been created recently here’s a question; what have we learned now about this pandemic that we did not know a few months ago that made you decide to create this task force NOW? These briefings are becoming utterly useless beyond displaying charts/stats which I am certain can be a task that can be delegated to Siri to perform more effectively. The most depressing thing in all of this is that no one is taking responsibility for the sheer incompetence in responding early to this pandemic and the thousands of lives lost; I guess the UK government has the benefit of owning an Accountability Brush allowing it to brush off any form of responsibility unlike the poor citizens in this country who take the can and possibly face the full force of the law for extreme negligence if they were responsible for a similar scenario.

So the advice from this end is as follows;

  1. Change the Team in Charge of handling these crisis – we need effective actions not meaningless lectures – stats can be delivered in other forms.
  2. Get some insight/direction from the German & New Zealand model of dealing with the pandemic – or just get a lady to drive for heaven’s sake – and work closely with EU partners particularly when it comes to vaccine research, hospitalization for severe cases (where necessary) as well as testing methods so as to rapidly increase reliable testing regionally. We also need to ensure that mild cases are effectively dealt with away from hospitals.
  3. Tell us what the heck is going on with BREXIT – what is plan? In other words before negotiating with the EU come clean with the public in terms of plan B – I know transparency of recent British governments on the subject is pretty dismal even at best of times but under the circumstances this needs to change right now. The path forward should no longer be a matter of BREXITEERS vs. REMAINERS but rather about what’s achievable under the circumstances.

Hope this helps but I am NOT sure it will.


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