As we celebrate our wonderful Freedom Day in Britain I can’t help but reflect on a statement by Professor Michael Baker, a professor of public health at the University of Otago and a member of the New Zealand ministry of health’s Covid-19 technical advisory group;

“In New Zealand we have always looked to the UK for leadership when it comes to scientific expertise, which is why it’s so remarkable that it is not following even basic public health principles”.

If I may Professor Baker help clarify the situation in brief; What we’re suffering from in Britain is NOT just a global pandemic, but even more shocking and equally lethal is a group of unhinged/retarded politicians headed by our own special Odd Ball at the very top of the pyramid who are ready, willing and able to play politics at any cost to try and pick a political score here/there to cover there failures at every level. The problem of course is that they will end up playing catchup in trying to control the pandemic because following the science is not on their immediate agenda. In other words it is their own stupid methodology in confronting the pandemic is what’s costing them dearly and will eventually break the country both in terms of health safety as well as economically. 

But then again these are choices Brits need to make and experiences that need to be had in order to agree on how far we’re willing to allow this mess to continue considering that the longer this goes on the steeper the recovery process. Then once the dust settles we need to hit the reset button on our governance model that has proved an utter failure during the last 4-5 years and unless these vulnerabilities are fixed this archaic model will always be a drag on our development as a nation.  The reason is simple; no level of expertise/advancement in health, technology or economic/military might can protect us from catastrophic decisions when the political system is broken & values shattered or at least ambiguous; the threat from within that can destroy a nation. In the specific case of New Zealand I have nothing but complete admiration and respect to the leadership of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who seems to be ahead of the curve both in facing up to the pandemic but also in dealing with national and foreign policy challenges; a great example of a progressive/pragmatic leader – so best of luck from this end and hope this clarifies some points. In our case what boris johnson is actually saying is this; I am actually not going to take responsibility for your health as it translates to political accountability from my end so I leave to you and we will only make recommendations; remember this in a pandemic situations where numbers are on the rise for some time now again due to delay in government action.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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