There isn’t really much to say about the decision to go ahead with the “Freedom Day” despite the current spike in infection numbers in Britain beyond this; bad leadership – particularly at critical moments facing a nation – have a real cost that will need to be paid in full and with interest. But that’s not all; the Health Secretary Sajid Javid has contracted the virus and after initially insisting he would NOT self-isolate Mini-‘U’oris does what he does best – doing a U-turn on his decision taken less that 24 hour ago. The fact of the matter is that Boris Johnson has been totally consistent in demonstrating that he is utterly unfit to lead a small town pub let alone a nation – he is after all a purely BREXIT prime minister who’s never been consistent on the issue nor was he able to deliver on his BREXIT promises with ant degree of success. In brief Boris Johnson is a complete waste of time & resource for this nation and this is not something we have the luxury to afford at the present time – or at least this is the case for most of us; what do you think?

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