In the last few days tensions have been escalating between AstraZeneca & the EU and now the UK government plays hardball by restricting COVID vaccine exports. I won’t talk of the UK government because for all intents and purposes they’re a bunch of political hacks using this opportunity to again use the EU as a punch bag to divert attention of their own failures with COVID-19 response and beyond, so not even worth following the diversion. Now although I do not know the exact inner details of the conflict what I do know is that one of the excuses held by the company is utterly stupid and I’m sure would not hold water if any form of legal challenge is made. The suggestion is that  because whatever glitch they found had occurred in a factory based in the EU not the one in the UK hence the reason why they seem to be short-changing the supply to the EU not the UK. This is truly absurd since any contract signed with the company is a legal obligation to the company irrespective of where the vaccine is produced. It is truly disgusting to see this level of irresponsibility taking into account that a) this a health crisis NOT politics and b) the fact that we’re dealing with a major ally/partner. It is clearly an approach championed by the so called “British Government – aka UGOV” in terms of incompetence and blaming others for their own failures. All in all a true/genuine representation of BREXITISLAND that I’m sure many Brits consider as utter an embarrassment.

Sorry EU, we’re sick right now – hope to see you soon when we’re back in recovery mode. Until then why not join our campaign to take back control so we can all move to a better place than we are today? Don’t you think we deserve better than this?

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Safety of Others

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