Power Britain is a new campaign to help unite a country facing many challenges Economic, Health & Inequality, Corruption, Abuse of Power, Political Division among many others. This is a campaign that is less concerned by ideology/personal biases (virtual reality) and more driven by facts, figures and science (reality) to define/pursue national interest with clear definable set of objectives/agenda items. We want this campaign to be a true representation of a diverse Britain; one open to the world, shaped by it and keen to contribute/engage rather than self-isolate and lockdown our economy and our future in the process; a grassroots driven movement for the people/by the people to help restore confidence in our institutions. In a complex battlefield in terms of the many issues to tackle like the ones mentioned above – sometimes quite related – we need 1 campaign (NOT 2, NOT 3, NOT 4) to represent our vision on a multitude of issues otherwise our voices/efforts and resources are diluted and become far less effective. This is also a campaign about activism in all its forms but NOT one that is predominantly Social Media driven because social media is a double-edged sword when we over-rely/abuse its effectiveness; this is precisely what we have done in the past few years hence our ineffectiveness in presenting any form of viable opposition; if in any doubt just consider the bravery of the Scottish businesses representing the fishing industry who took to Whitehall a few days ago to make their voices heard. We need a similar approach as I’ve been arguing in many of my previous posts because the last thing politicians want is to see us face them directly and the first thing they do want us to do is to challenge them virtually.

The campaign starts now, and I hope that we can get enough support to take it forward so that by Spring we’re in full Swing to take back control. I am particularly keen to get experts in all fields on board so that we begin developing a clear vision/strategy moving forward because we obviously do not have all the answers. The effort at the moment will be mostly virtual due to issues with the pandemic but there is plenty we can start doing as of right now and here is an outline of the plan:

Phase 1: This is mainly about making the case for the campaign and gaining as much support as possible among the public as well as representatives/experts from business, health, economy and current/former civil servants. We want only people who are willing to do away with their party badges, branding’s (BREXITEER , Remainer etc.)  and to focus most and foremost on bringing the country together and ensuring we do what’s best for Britain  “PERIOD”; because this is precisely what this campaign is about. Once we have enough support, we can then move on to the next phase

Phase 2:  The 2 main focus points for the campaign at the moment are obviously BREXIT as well as the COVID-19 Pandemic. So here would be the proposition;

a) On BREXIT: We need to ensure we have an unbiased/factual assessment of the current agreement and any other possible variation that would allow us to achieve similar – or comparable – benefits to the ones we’ve had being members of the EU. We need the full unfiltered picture NOT the fractured views we’ve developed – or been coached to develop – in the silos that divided us. If this is deemed impossible then we need to plan a swift re-entry into the EU or propose relevant changes to the agreement and make the necessary plans to achieve this in the shortest time possible to protect our businesses and people’s livelihoods.

b) On COVID-19: We need to establish a panel of medical experts & former/present NHS management/staff to help steer us through the present challenges by providing best advice possible in dealing with the current pandemic and assessing previous/current government actions/statements. It is our intention to have this panel eventually become for all intents and purposes the body in charge of guiding whichever government is in charge in the planning/execution of the national strategy to deal with the pandemic as well as the mutations that evolve from it. Where healthcare is concerned particularly in dealing with medical emergencies politics follows science and experts replace ignorant political hacks in charge; and we need to back this strategy with peaceful action where necessary.

Phase 3:  This phase is solely/primarily about Political Reform & Accountability so that we never repeat the mistakes of the past and focus on the multitude of challenges of the future and our evolution as a nation. These 2 elements are 2 faces of the same coin; in other words you cannot deal with them separately. Two of the reforms needed and that I believe should be part of the strategy are as follows;

a) New Politics in Britain: A new way to do politics in Britain, one that constantly/consistently puts country before party and eliminates influence from unelected power brokers/lobbyists.

b) A Governance Model for the New Generation to Lead: We need to make sure that the governance model has the capacity/capability to have the new generation in leadership roles allowing them to shape their own future. This has to be the objective moving forward but also links to a separate/important matter about how to build leaders of the future from Education to Occupation. But this a separate matter that will take us to the next phase which is all about Education Reform.

A bold agenda is called for with the commitment & sharp focused resolve to achieve it and let’s use the emergency lockdown productively to collaborate effectively in building this movement. We also need a charismatic experienced leader to represent the movement in making demands to the government because a movement without a face is doomed proposition.

So whether you’re a former BREXITEER, Remainer, or current Labour, Conservative, LibDem, SNP supporter or even if you happen to be European, American and beyond so long as you’re keen to support our mission in ensuring that facts/figures shape our national interest and keen on a national consensus please do connect and let’s see how we can move forward together not only to keep our United Kingdom united through a new pragmatic governance model but also ensure it is one consistent with our values and utilising/building on the brilliant expertise/dedication of our citizens and the history of a proud nation. We need your help to contribute ideas in order for us to shape a powerful/pragmatic vision & agenda so we can face the complex challenges of the future. We welcome even political parties themselves to help support this party neutral campaign to finally help unite the country in a moment in history unlikely to be repeated with the extent of challenges we face and all coming at the same time. Why the fuss you may ask? Simple; I as you do care much for this country and I as you probably feel we really deserve to be in a much better place than we are today. Without intelligent/activist citizenry to help balance the ship Democracy sinks as we’ve seen it time and again / and continue to see today. Politics in this country at the moment is sadly utterly broken and can provide no answer to the challenges we face rather it exasperates these challenges with the main political parties largely indistinguishable and the liberal parties largely unelectable many of us feel being left out/unrepresented; couple that with the emergencies we face at every level there cannot be a better time for action and to make things happen. But then again, the success or failure of this campaign is entirely up to you; all I can offer is an absolute dedication to the cause.

Finally if there is 1 take away from this long post it’s this; Social media should be used to highlight a problem and Activism through non-virtual forms of peaceful protests is about making change happen and we’ve spent far too much time in the former rather than the latter so no results should be expected just more frustrations and the occasional Like/Retweet. With that said Social media if properly coordinated/planned in this restrictive environment we currently live in can most certainly be an option just as a demonstration of unity/power and to make demands crystal clear; but they all need to come under 1 campaign. 

Hope this helps.

PS: The twitter handle for the campaign is @PowerBritain and I will be updating with some related posts from the past as well as new ones shortly.

Take care & Stay Safe

Let’s STOP Creative Inertia & Begin Taking Effective Action

A Fragmented Opposition Is An Incompetent Opposition 

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