In major military battles of the past we’ve seen armies from different countries come under the same command to ensure effectiveness & efficiency to confronting the same enemy, so the obvious question to ask is whether this same strategy can be applied in some form in the case of dealing with pandemics. I’m certainly no health expert but we all know for a fact that the COVID-19 battle is NOT only here to stay – for some time at least – but is actually becoming more challenging by the day thanks to logistical challenges related to how vaccines are administered as well as production capacity and finally/more importantly how to deal with more dangerous mutations of the virus which requires better exchange of data/experiences  and collaboration between different companies that could prove more effective/efficient in controlling this/future pandemics. We are NOT in the same market competitive business environment when facing pandemics and whether or not this particular proposition may be considered viable we should really begin to think out-of-the box in order to come up with unconventional solutions when dealing with unconventional emergencies especially when we experience a battlefield that seems to be changing all the time. In other words the time we take to adapt in confronting the pandemic is key to winning the battle before more lives are needlessly wasted.

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