So now we’re at a stage of ultimatums/threats from the so called “British Government” now considering changing parts of the existing deal reached with the EU (in it’s second iteration) designed to keep an open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This coming mainly from the BREXIT clan hoping to jump start an international charm offensive to create trade deals throughout the world the likes of which we have never seen (and probably will never ever see). The question as many have pointed out is that when a state’s reputation is dragged down the mud by it’s own government by not honouring it’s own commitments / obligations under international law AND TO ITS BIGGEST TRADING PARTNER & ALLY is this; what serious nation out there is foolish enough to trust the British government or better yet not to treat the UK government in this exact same manner with a similar or different excuse altogether? If anything trade partnerships will be very expensive indeed for the British people who will eventually pick up the tab. To say this is disgusting is an understatement but then again when we turn to our friends across the Atlantic it should have been expected. This is why the EU should have been well prepared for this kind of action for some time and why their approach in the negotiation in my opinion emboldens these stupid/self-defeating tactics by the BREXIT Clan; I suspect that part of the problem is that leading the negotiations from the EU side is becoming muddled with too many EU leaders making statements and wanting to seem to drive and/or directly influence the process which actually serves the BREXIT clan quite well. You see there is a big difference between Playing Politics and Engaging in Politics – seems that the geniuses in charge on both sides have been doing the former hence the mess we all find ourselves facing in this final hour.

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