Great performance & talent in the England squad in this world cup both in terms of players & coaching. I have to say I was not expecting bells & whistles this time around but I am thrilled to be well off the mark in this prediction. That said I feel it ludicrous for some to suggest that we’re now ready to pick up the big trophy, like Alan Shearer. This is putting much pressure on this young/fresh team that has already achieved a lot by reaching the semi-finals. My suggestion is to take it 1 game at a time and to enjoy the experience while playing as underdogs who have nothing to loose. This should be the mentality of the England squad going forward and not the arrogant approach we’ve been used to when we hit a winner in the past – not an entirely uncommon approach in politics that can eventually lead to our demise as an influential world power. Let’s also hope the team is more disciplined when they are leading  in a match rather than being sloppy in loosing the ball easily – disciplined attack should be the mindset at all times.

Finally, just to say that I am sure that Trump Inc. are kicking their behind because they didn’t schedule his trip to the UK during the England – Sweden match when no one would be watching his back alley visit; it takes guts Covfefe as I am sure you don’t understand.

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