The IMF believes that BREXIT will cause an exodus of banks and other financial companies to continental Europe and Ireland. The Bank of England estimates that 10,000 financial jobs could be relocated on the first day of BREXIT. I know many BREXITEERS will feel it’s “inappropriate” for the IMF to make such predictions; instead they want us all to put on – voluntarily or by the force of the actions they take – a straight jacket and shoving us towards the BREXIT doors. As a matter of fact the whole BREXIT saga feels more and more like autocratic regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere where they rig elections, then eliminate any form of meaningful descent in parliament & media; so instead of influencing these regimes we’re being influenced by them – now how sad is that. Whether we like it or not BREXIT is in every sense of the word a very unique/consequential moment in our history. It’s not just about the politics & economics of it, rather it is more about the values we aspire to and the future of our Democratic credentials and how our system of governance evolves from this. There is plenty to learn from the BREXIT process – the experience can be very beneficial – but what we desperately need is a government that is able/willing to take stock of these lessons and make necessary adjustments/re-alignment to our governance structures and set firm protections to our Democracy in the process. We need to move away from Mob/Clan politics that puts party/politics before country towards a more independent/collaborative approach that’s focused solely on national interest away from the influence of lobbyist/special interest (internal or external). In brief we need to mend our ways if we want to continue to be an effective/influential state and lead by example.

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