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The BREXIT Drag: France Protects Its Core Businesses/Industries From Foreign Takeover While Britain Has Been More Than Keen To Sell British Industry To The Highest Bidder Or Let Them Go Under

“BREXIT/Nationalists” Britain finally takes hold on our island in an effort to control migration and eliminate EU “interference” in British politics. Well guess what we’re actually holding the wrong end of the stick. Our sovereignty is more about Economic Power/Influence in the same way that Protecting our Industries secures us […]

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BREXIT Exhaustion: The British “Tumbola”

Yes, this is the British version of Tombola but with higher/jucier “steaks”. Now we read rumours about the potential of snap elections being considered by the so-called government. This in my judgement would be a recipe for a disaster with no vision/no direction, no leadership and a country divided, so […]

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