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A Chicken Heads to Ukraine to Offer Support

Now that’s a first!! The question is though; in what capacity? However the word capacity implies capability/performance so in this situation I’d suggest a more accurate  question; in what form? As a chicken tikka masala perhaps, or as a KFC style chicken….the options are endless. The fact of the matter […]

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The BREXIT Drag: UK Labour (a Lost Cause) UK Conservatives (a Wrong Cause) UK LibDems (a Wasted Cause) – Good Luck Great Britain (sorry I meant to say…..UK)  

BREXIT is truly a story of zero options. The UK Labour is for all intents and purposes a support mechanism the Conservative/BREXIT party with a useless leader who provides no viable alternative and I suspect prefers for the Conservative be the face of BREXIT because he has or believes in […]

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