Former Chancellor of Exchequer and former Prime Minister Mr. Gordon Brown and in my opinion the only qualified person with a track record to run this country in the current economic crisis continues to give valuable advice to the current government and the 2 candidates running to succeed boris johnson and eventually follow the same pattern of accidental leaders that have been devastating the country for the last 7 years. It seems to me that Britain is about to hit a brick wall and no one is doing anything about it because let’s face when it comes to genuine leadership, the adult ain’t in the room now or for the foreseeable future. As I mentioned before the British archaic governance model is about to fall and take the entire country with it at the worst moment ever thanks to flawed policies, corrupt/incompetent politicians coupled with a rigid bureaucracy of the kind much worse than the one the EU was tagged with during the Brexit referendum and to date by those who largely remain unaffected by the disaster that Brexit has come to represent. So the advice from this end is this; expect the worst and hope for the best; at least until people demand change and set their expectations of how the country is governed now and for the future irrespective/beyond party politics,