The worst part in all of this – as we’ve seen many times before – once someone crashes at No. 10, it’s terribly difficult to not only get rid of them but also select someone competent enough to take charge simply because the system is designed from the ground up as a partisan project, while we the ruled – unlike the in the US – are largely there as spectators when it comes to selecting our leaders and removing them.  If Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng have been a disaster replacing the Chancellor with Jeremy Hunt who has absolutely no economic credentials whatsoever is a guarantee of continued chaos in Brexit Britainhave a brief look at his profile. And if you’re considering switching to Labour first ask yourself what practical alternative vision have they contributed in this chaos – I’ve seen none so far despite the golden opportunity they have to make a case for change; it’s all about Labour MPs making the media rounds calling for change without a coherent outline for an alternate vision.

There is really no getting around the fact that Britain 2022 suffers in the main of a systemic rot in the political establishment and the issues we face today are only symptoms of this deadly disease, and yet we have been conditioned to accept this political reality rather than challenge. It seems to me that we are in need for a political revolution particularly by the new generation who stand to loose more than anyone else in this status quo because the world is passing us by pretty quickly. Here are some practical ideas to chew;

  • Dissolve the House of Lords and establish in its place something along the lines of a Citizens Council with broad mandate/authority to assess government policy/actions and take corrective measures even with oversight from a high court where necessary.
  • Developing an independent  body similar to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) again with broad oversight powers/mandate in assessing and developing strategies to counter political corruption and develop mandatory standards for conducting political debates, organising elections and referendums.
  •  Eliminating the prospect of accidental leaders by ensuring the public has a direct say in selecting their leaders after a well-defined political process/debate where candidates can make their political pitch based on reality not mis-information which ties to point 2 above.

There are plenty of ideas to take long-term corrective measures in the near future but they all depend on political activism and NOT social media campaigns.

What do you think?

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