Truly a significant day in British history for all the wrong reasons and more importantly its a glaring indication of sunak’s ignorance when it comes to politics and totally out of touch approach in tacking social issues. So in one firm swoop he attempts to take back control of cabinet by the recent “re-shovel”, brings back a former PM to gain some credibility and makes stupid concessions to the far right after dumping their hero suella braverman by this silly new role that will achieve virtually nothing simply because it is by design aimed at planting the seed of controversy at the heart of government without addressing real issues. In other words he’s following a non-sensical/reactionary approach to gain some validity but I’m afraid its a doomed effort as I mentioned in my previous post. But isn’t it just heartbreaking/weird to watch a traditionally conservative nation being rolled over in this ridiculous manner at least when it comes to political tradition/precedence? I don’t mind being unconventional so long as decisions are well thought through and are made to address real issues pragmatically rather than reactionary decisions either based on ideological biases or ones taken to achieve political gains but solve nothing.

Just a thought!

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