Well it certainly didn’t take much time for that to happen; a few hours since Rishi Sunak uttered these words. I like many other commentators was actually impressed with Rishi’s first speech after being elected and believed this may signal an interesting/potential turning point in British politics despite the many reservations I had about him and his background. For some reasons I thought he would usher in new talents within the Conservative party to take on major cabinet roles as a demonstration of a new vision/approach in governance to mirror his commitments in his first speech. But my hopes were short lived when seeing the Mary-go-round composition of his cabinet including re-instating Suella Braverman  as Home Secretary despite her being axed by Liz Truss a few days earlier for breaking ministerial code. It turns out that as I suspected the issue is less about talent than about nepotism and suspect allegiances at top of government. I genuinely believe this new government will not last more than a few months possibly until early 2023 – if lucky – because Rishi Sunak is under pressure on the one side from influential elements within the Conservative party and their members and on the other by the public who have not voted him in and are likely to face the thrust of painful economic measures he’s expected to take. Beyond all that and as I mentioned in a previous post Sunak has been elected by the party as the only option to prevent the party from crashing into a General Election they can’t win but it takes much more more than Financial wizardry to lead a party/nation.

What do you think?

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