Here are some thoughts & a prediction considering there are much more important things to focus on like the conflict in the Mideast, so here goes briefly;

  • It is quite clear to me that braverman is into politics for the wrong reasons; championing vile ideologies the likes that we’ve rarely seen in British politics and prioritises her own self interest ahead of country or party. If in doubt just consider the circumstances of her firing twice from the same role. She doesn’t accept any kind of limitations to her role despite the fact that she possesses very limited experience/talent when it comes to politics partly due to her arrogant character that is less about talent and more about ego. All you need to do to validate this claim is watch her interviews and parliamentary hearings.
  • The concept of political patronage and the musical chair game of passing important/consequential roles  to philistines who have no expertise/credentials to head important government departments needs to STOP. It’s also critical to assess personalities, biases and vulnerabilities from a national security stand point. In other words the current selection process needs to be scrapped. As for electing the head of government; well, well, well… Seems the braverman letter demonstrates in black/white the scrutiny applied in selecting Sunak; not the public scrutiny but the braverman scrutiny just to be clear! That’s the state of our archaic Democracy model we’re working with at the minute. Send us your email address and we’ll let you if/when this model is updated in this century-that is if we’re lucky to have the genes for a long life expectancy!
  • As for my prediction is would be that braverman will be eventually kicked out of the Conservative party because they’re now – just now – becoming familiar with her dark side now that she’s let loose and she will end up being picked by a radical right wing party which in opinion suits her well, though I suspect that any future consequential political role will unlikely come her way. As for Sunak he’s toast mainly due to bringing back Cameron which demonstrates weakness but this braverman letter will further challenge/undermine his authority.

Just a thought!

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