With recent revelations of the corruption scandal in the EU championed by Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola, the hope/expectation would not be dealing with this issue separately but rather using it to help develop a more robust system to fight corruption at every of the organization, otherwise it’s a precious opportunity lost. Facing up to this issue may indeed stir up some uncomfortable situations for many politicians in power but it’s a task that is necessary because it does impact critical policies and more importantly the overall credibility of the EU. Equally important/urgent is developing legislation throughout the EU to combat disinformation which has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech but rather threatens the intricate fabric of democratic governance and promotes extremist ideology as we continue to see to this day; a testament of our failure in defending basic/core values and democratic credentials. It is  NOT sufficient merely passing the buck to social media companies; instead there needs to be local legislation to criminalise such behaviour particularly where they do affect national interest because engaging in such actions is no joke; instead we become the ultimate joke. Britain on the other hand is on full autopilot mode on both these issues where unfortunately the underlying navigation system of the political establishment is flawed (the secret everyone knows) and there is no qualified pilot with the expertise/integrity necessary to take charge and save a nation that’s gone into a strike overdrive rather than resolve BREXIT; something that could potentially reverse the economic decline the country and subsequently the people are facing right now; what a waste of time/effort & resources when all politicians prove us are lame excuses!

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