Obviously I am not purvey to all the intricate details of this story but from what we gather from consistent reporting on this saga and irrespective of the failures of the Tennis Australia and the sloppy actions by the authorities dealing with this matter it seems that Novak Djokovic has not been entirely honest & transparent about his actions and motives leading up to the tournament regarding COVID infection and the reasoning for his exemption. Indeed people should have the choice on whether or not to vaccinate but NOT when the potential of infecting others is involved or when following public health guidelines/rules. On the other hand Djokovic’s insistence to go through this long judicial saga in the first place knowing full well how all this affects the tournament and the strain it may cause other players in the tournament is yet another indication of his bad judgement off the court; this is not a game my friend. So all in all a bad day for Novak Djokovic and a clear demonstration that a Champion on court lacking the temperament  and wisdom off-court is not really a champion but merely just a talented tennis player. But then again if anyone can overcome this down turn trajectory with the credit he still has with the public it is Novak Djokovic; let’s all hope he does.

Just a thought!

Being a Champion ain’t all that easy, is it?

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