The Ukraine conundrum continues but it seems that Putin is calling the shots. As for the west what I clearly see is that each leader is playing the game independently for purely personal domestic interests; in other words the west is being played yet again in a truly humiliating way. Let me be clear; no one wants war but at the same time the willingness to be rolled over is not the answer but rather sets Putin’s expectation sky high in this and future conflicts – and China is watching closely. On the other hand what is the point of trillions spent on military power if these are merely used for show rather than to guarantee protection/security – particularly against powerful adversaries unlike Iraq and Afghanistan. The politics behind the west’s response is truly shameful and ensures the repeat of aggressive actions in Ukraine and continued political meddling and cyber warfare within the EU and the US. Dashing towards negotiations without Russia’s reversal of military actions close to Ukraine is a big mistake and a reciprocal approach should be adopted. In fact it is the west that should have preceded any talks with a set of demands having shown its serious about defending Ukraine with reciprocal actions as mentioned. Also worth mentioning as many have commented that reliance of the EU on Russian gas pipeline is a disaster that is likely to cost the EU more than the threat of Russian military might. 

I truly don’t know where the story goes form here but to be honest I am totally bored with blogging about it so I’ll now take the role of a spectator and wish for the best even if it means I was wrong.

Just a thought.

No more juice in my brain for this topic

So let’s all watch/hope for the best….. 

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