Well that old saying hasn’t changed much through the years, it’s just that we haven’t noticed it applies to us in these crisis too; yes indeed the “Chickens”. As I mentioned a while ago in a previous post “China is watching”; it turns out because I am indeed a “Rocket Scientist” 🙁 this is precisely what’s happening – the Russian playbook now being played out by our adversaries and as I mentioned in the previous blog the Chinese regime qualifies as one despite the mixed signals they give on Ukraine. The Ukraine crisis as it turns out is for all intents and purposes an EU/Western crisis the ramifications of which we’re likely to live with for a long time coming. The moment this crisis ends without decisive military action by NATO (currently looking more like NACHO) we will be dealing directly with this enormous failure close to home and the EU in its current incarnation will fall sideways (and so it should) – again as I mentioned in a previous blog – because if you’re unwilling to defend your interests militarily when action is needed on your doorstep you become irrelevant. Europe deserves better than this massive bureaucracy built entirely on rhetoric & PR and run by people who have little in the way of expertise/leadership in dealing with security challenges. What we also need are people with a sense of genuine appreciation of the historical context of how we got here and the values people have scarified their lives to protect. The current EU structure is built around a bunch of people who operate merely as functionaries; there specifically to steady the ship irrespective of anything else even something as simple as “purpose”; kinda like Sir Humphrey Appleby in the British TV series Yes Minister/Prime Minister (what a fool I was when I believed once that this was a documentary of the British governance model when in fact its a European wide model).

Do you know what really bothers me most; it’s these statements like the one in the tweet below by Charles Michel President of the European Council (just read it & listen to him). Here’s what I can’t comprehend; how the hell do they make these stupid/empty statements with a straight face when we can all see the developments in Ukraine day-in-day-out and the EU’s miserable failure to contribute any form of decisive intervention.  Who’s ignorant enough to buy this very clear bunch of BS/Crap? What “Values” what “DNA” is he talking about beyond cheap buzz words to distract from the reality NOT of Ukraine but of the EU & the Western so-called Alliance – the NACHO’s of our time that seem to have all but forgotten their core duty and are in fact undermining everything we once thought was unique/precious about our history.

Now it’s China and Russia that are speeding ahead passing us by strategically speaking and all we’re able to do is just wave because our stashed metal developed specifically to protect us seems too precious even for that purpose.

Just a thought!

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