In a recent statement today President Biden warns U.S intervention in Ukraine (i.e. protecting Ukraine from Russian aggression) would mean WWIII. My simplistic response would be if WWIII is a deterrent in defending against aggression from Russia, China or any other power then all I can say is that the West is now up for grabs whether NATO or non-NATO members; so for NATO members in the eastern flank of Europe I call them all for a group prayer which may provide better protection than the NATO badge (or lets now call it NOTA badge for now) in case Russia misses you too much. In other words it’s a WWII story that’s being played out yet again where delayed action translates to higher cost & sacrifices down the pike. A truly sad/disgusting state of affairs in western alliance that has become unrecognisable & irrelevant thanks to weak sophisticated leaders who talk Values and yet have no shred of it in their veins.

You can read previous posts for more context or just watch/follow western leaders statements for less common sense.

Just a thought!

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