It seems that Pro-Putin’ Opera singer Anna Netrebko sparked exodus from German festival by Ukrainian musicians as indicated by the article referenced below. Some would say what’s music got to do with politics; but by the same token what’s business got to do with peoples relationship with Putin, or people in Sports or ….. It’s simply a matter of values as well as possibly financial backing of an aggressive regime which is precisely why for example Russian conductor Valery Gergiev was dropped by multiple orchestra’s over his ties to Putin. Just imagine if you will how ludicrous it would be if wealthy Putin supporters are given a pass while the Russian people continue paying for the cost of war in blood as well as due to sanctions imposed by the west. Aggression has a price not only for main perpetrators of such actions but also their backers-one day believed this simple concept was obvious. What I do not understand however is how the hell festival director Uwe Eric Laufenberg has the the audacity in calling these cancellations a “moral hysteria”. 

It is actually a “moral/ideological vacuum” that we seem to be facing by people who do not appreciate/understand the fact that the ideological conflicts we face today and how we unite in facing them (particularly when they are transformed to direct threats) should be a matter of priority otherwise we’re looking in the face of our own demise – it’s a guaranteed outcome.

As for Ukraine – and as a side but related issue – it is truly becoming nonsensical that they are still not a NATO member and had the right decision – or the threat of making it – been taken early on I suspect this alone would have likely resolved this conflict some time ago. It is the confusion in leadership in dealing with this conflict that created it and is prolonging it causing pain/economic despair across the world and I suspect the west will likely feel this sting of such ramifications in a manner of months rather than years; sanctions alone don’t fix these things do they? If you don’t agree with the me in the concept of values/ideologies let’s at VERY least be consistent in dealing with similar issues and drop false pretences/double standards – may be this is the actual state of play in our politics and we’re about to engage in multiple relearning curves to set the record straight again. 

Just a thought.  

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