Tucker Carlson (a Tour Guide at heart) has finally been guided gently out of Fox News. But now who’s gonna help guide Fox News out of the Media industry? The core problem that we should know by now after repeated hard lessons of the past and present is the fact that the concept of “Self Regulation” does not work; not in the media, not in business and most certainly not in governance. So the question that begs an answer is this; do we remain as spectators or do we demand change. But before anything else let’s at least have a public conversation and agree on realistic solutions on a path towards reform; the kind of reform that does not obstruct but accelerates development. After all development when left uncontrolled/unchecked is a recipe for disaster “for all”; so everyone has a real stake in getting this issue sorted. We know pretty much by now the culprits that are targets for such needed reform so that should give us a head start. Politics in my opinion should take a back seat in our minds until we get this fundamental reform jigsaw sorted first because everything follows from there.
Just a thought.


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