This is going to be brief; it’s a short message to the new Biden Administration – something I’ve mentioned in many of my previous posts and I hope it can be picked up at some point/somehow, which is this;

Where American foreign policy in concerned I truly believe that US Soft Powerability to attract and co-opt/influence, rather than coerce (contrast hard power) – can be much more effective in dealing with conflicts and abuses of power which lead to economic meltdown, human rights abuses which eventually drive to mass migration. In other words the term “America First” motto should now become “American Values First” like it once was; this in my opinion should be the strategy moving forward because I believe that with the existing U.S. capabilities in terms of areas of influence this power has never really been utilized to its limits and it most certainly can become a game changer if applied deliberately / strategically; I should know because I experienced it myself and it had an enormous effect on me as a non-American. There is plenty of American expertise out there of people who can build on this argument and better articulate the approach with their vast experiences & diplomatic skills because strategy developed without experts in the room is a failed strategy as we’ve seen in the last 4 years.

I truly hope America can make a speedy recovery with this new promising administration.

Hope this helps.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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