Britains U-GOV Under Pressure on U-Responses to COVID-19/An Appeal to the EU

Another major spike hits Britain hard with over 53000 new cases in 24 hours thanks to a sham / incompetent individuals running the country. The advice to these political hacks is actually quite simple; give your twisted little U-Brains a rest and let an expert medical team deal with this mess that’s largely your doing. Your role is to back/enforce medical guidance “period”.

As for the EU and despite the fact that I am no health expert or one knowledgeable on the effects of the pandemic on the medical supply chain I would urge the EU to do all possible as of January 1st to minimize any adverse effects on medications/medical supplies to the UK until we all reach the other side of this medical emergency. In other words I hope all is done minimize – or preferably eliminate – any procedural or practical barriers due to BREXIT that may affect Britain in dealing with this pandemic – this would be most helpful. Below is link to an article I came across that provides a glimpse to what is at stake at least as a starting point. It would be even better to have a dedicated team from both sides of channel collaborating on this particular issue.

British Tourists Making Utter Fools of Themselves

Perfect timing isn’t it; what the hell is the matter with some British tourists (another story in a link below)? These utter fools displaying in no uncertain terms their disregard to public safety and on foreign soil. Disgusting would be an understatement but it is a clear demonstration – as if we needed any more proof – that in present day Britain many still fail to understand/grasp that Freedom is there to be cherished/protected NOT abused. Fruitcakes that disregard this simple reality should bare the consequences for their actions otherwise it will be a lesson lost and we’ll be compounding our own problems in the process.

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Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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