Finally a BREXIT deal has been struck between the EU & the UK. I for one will be truly scrutinising the hell out of it cause I’m not too keen on the bj theatrics/spin coming out of the mouth of the mysterious occupant at No. 10 Downing Street (which precise planet or galaxy he dropped from we have no idea but we’re still investigating this phenomenon). It is certainly great to have a deal with our most important ally/partner but it’s also important to establish 2 things;

1. How the terms are consistent with the BREXIT vision – or rather distortion – of present day Britain and the significance of the key areas that the so-called British government was keen to protect as red lines like this question of arbitration through the European Court of Justice. In other words what precisely is it about British independence when put in the balance with advantages of remaining in the EU that makes us so unique from other nations like France, Germany or Holland for example.
2. The reliability/soundness of the deal in ensuring it provides a solid foundation for a future relationship with the EU rather than an ongoing headache/further disruptions for businesses/individuals on both sides when it’s time for implementation, particularly with the lack of trust that exists and rightly so after so many false starts. How much more bureaucracy are we likely to see at the back of this deal and will this in effect cancel out the benefits of having a deal. Signing a deal on paper after all is the easy part, ensuring it works is an entirely different beast and I’m sad to say that the British track record is dismal in this regard to say the least.
3. The Cost…..the Cost…..Cost. In other words show us an accurate balance sheet in terms of financial gains/losses including additional costs of the gigantic bureaucracy that will need to be developed to replace (NOT eliminate) the EU bureaucracy so many in the BREXIT camp complain about. There cannot be a simpler yet fundamental demonstration of how well off we really are likely to be out of the EU. On the other hand if such an assessment has not been made – or accurately detailed/updated & properly documented – this my friends would be a case of gross dereliction of duty that should be challenged/prosecuted at every level because governance and the future of the country is no private enterprise.

So let’s hope for the best but NOT count on hope without scrutiny/validation.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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