I know what you’re thinking; Fidelito talking healthcare is a bridge much too far to us cross, but bear with me for a moment. Here I’m merely suggesting a concept NOT going into technical details about healthcare. The reason I began to think about this is watching a program on TV about healthy eating, false information about health products and our own way of life. This led me to question the wisdom of entirely focusing our efforts/resources on funding the healthcare system rather than putting as much – if not more – efforts/resources to develop a more health conscious society while at the same time preventing harmful products – or at least where benefits are unproven – from ever reaching our marketplace whatever labels they decide to add. It all starts with family/education but also covers a whole spectrum areas/activities including reviewing food standards but that’s a detail to be left to the experts. The money that may need to be taken out of the economy due to banned products may well be paid back 10 folds if not more in the form of a healthier society balanced with a well funded healthcare system that will no longer need to play catch up with the increasing inflow of patients; a system which follows the concept of Garbage In – Garbage Out only now we add the term “Increasing” at both ends of that term. Another tremendous benefit to such an approach are in situations like the one we face today in terms of fighting pandemics and more importantly it allows the healthcare system to focus more on developing new/more effective treatments to existing diseases and propel our capabilities in vaccine research & development. Finally this approach will allow us to treat Disinformation equally whether it appears in politics, media or on the shelves in Supermarkets/drugstores.

See, I’m done; that was quick! The main point of this post is that we really need to reassess our approach in facing up to current/future challenges otherwise our efforts will be wasted and will be running in an endless loop – a bad investment indeed.

Take Care, Stay Safe & Respect Others Safety

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