The arguments that seem to be circulating in the media pro/against Trump’s removal office in my opinion are missing the cardinal point, so here some sample arguments and my comments;

  1. Calls To Remove
    • Fear of doing further harm to the country (this can be addressed by some form of legal & practical restraints as mentioned in previous post including what seems to already be happening of White House staff trying to help isolate him and possibly ignore any controversial decisions he may take)
    • Cannot be allowed to continue after his direct role in inciting the Capitol Hill Carnage (partly correct though this can be taken care of once new administration is sworn in and accountability in the form of an investigation kicks in).
  2. Calls NOT To Remove
    • Only a few days left so best to leave the guy alone and let him drop like a rotten fruit from a tree (oh, you mean ignore his actions – can we have that luxury too please, all family/friends included if we defy the law and people die because of it ??)
    • Removal will cause to strengthen his base (well not impeaching him means that he can take public office in future and as far as I understand that many of his expenses will be covered by the state – this cannot be right and would demonstrate in no uncertain terms a 2 tiered justice system)
Although we all want to see the back side of Donald Trump & Inc for the last time it is worth considering how his presidency should end; in the normal manner particularly considering the latest events which may well be criminal in nature or in the special manner he deserves. This is no longer about Donald Trump but about a purely American choice of whether a potential criminal should be allowed to walk gracefully out the door or should be pay a price for his behavior and thus restore some level of American dignity in the process. In a previous post – link below – I suggested that kicking him out of office would be the wrong thing to do. I stand by that argument insofar as if it is perceived to be a solely Democrat party driven effort because this cannot be political. There should be a bipartisan effort to kick Trump out of office because of the actual – and possibly criminal – harm he’s done to the country irrespective of any other considerations pro or against removal; this should be the cardinal point in this argument. After all why should President Nixon be forced to carry the can when a far more dangerous president is allowed to hit the end button of his Presidency on his own terms; think about that!
As for the new administration I am slightly worried by the indications coming out of President-Elect Biden that he just wants to turn a page and move on to ensure swift transition; I certainly hope this does NOT translate to trying to suppress efforts to investigate Trump & Inc and their cronies in Congress for their actions to defraud the American people in this Presidential election. Uniting the country is important but that does not mean that only the perpetrators of the Capitol Hill carnage will be the only ones paying the price and the inciters are left to their own devices. 
What do you think America?

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